: Water Leak

03-03-13, 05:24 PM
Anyone have any problems with water getting into the trunk where the spare tire is? Mine was full of water. Probably a seal leak somewhere?

03-03-13, 06:39 PM
It may be the sunroof drain hose it runs through the trunk on the drivers side behind the panelling near the Bose amp

03-03-13, 07:31 PM
I recall this happening to guys wa-a-y back when, but not recently. Don't know what the issue ever was.

V for victory
03-03-13, 07:58 PM
BJazz hit it right on the head, Pull the drivers side trunk side panel. The black plastic drain hose runs down and plugs into a soft rubber hose infront of the bose amp. it probable popped ot or is loose. had mine open last week and it ws loose, pushed it back in for another six years of dry trunk, haha

Cadillac Cust Svc
03-04-13, 03:55 PM
Lefmlove, would you consider visiting your Cadillac dealership for service? I'm available if you ever would like assistance working with your dealer, do please feel free to email me at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com if you ever have lingering concerns/questions. I'm happy to research on your behalf!


Cadillac Customer Service

03-04-13, 04:24 PM
Too much cash in your wallet? Feel like getting charged brain surgeon rates to hook up a plastic tube? Visit your dealer.

03-06-13, 12:29 AM
sup bjazz