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the blur
03-03-13, 10:45 AM
I am a serious HPDE guy, with 100 track days in my Corvette. (sold it recently) I set up the corvette with very wide rear tires, and stock front tires. Doing so, the car was very solid on track.
The rear never stepped out, or even wanted to step out. In fact the car handled very neutral. I could even let my inexperienced co-driver in the car without a worry.

I brought a 2009, & want to set it up the same way. I realize it has the active handling, but I don't want to be burning up brake pads, or even want the active handling kicking in too often.

How do you guys set your cars up for road courses ?

and eventually I'd like 5 point harnesses in there too, with the stock base level seats. Any help would be appreaciated, as I am new to the V world.

03-03-13, 11:04 AM
It's going to eat brakes and tires no matter what you do. It is a HEAVY car. I run D3 lowering springs and D3 front and rear sway bars and they helped significantly on track. I run a square tire setup (275/35R18 Toyo R888) primarily so I can rotate tires to get more mileage out of them. I have no issues with the rear end stepping out and I have 550HP to the wheels soon to be 630HP :) I also have a D3 adapter and 5-point harness but there is an installation issue so it is not installed. Oh yeah, I run Carbotech XP-20 front and XP-12 rear pads. Braking is phenomenal!

Regarding the active handling, I do not notice braking action while driving so I don't think it is doing a lot of braking. I run in COMP mode so I can powerslide if I want without the nannies kicking in. UI got 6 track days out of the front pads and my rears are about half gone in the same number of track days. The tires last about 3-4 track days if you really push the turns. Coilovers would also help for a track car but I have been pretty happy with lowered using magride.

Lastly, if you track a lot, you will want a rear diff cooler and a bigger heat exchanger and reservoir tank especially if you up the boost.

Enjoy your new track car!!!!!

03-03-13, 12:44 PM
Base level seats? Get ready to slip-slide around some! Other than that, you'll really enjoy the car. Even on comp mode, you'll find some tracks kick it in at certain points regardless (Big Willow for example). As for tires and brakes, I've actually gotten 6-7 track days out of each set of R-888's I ran. Over 10 races last year I did one full pad and rotor change mid season. Definitely look into a diff cooler.