: XLR-V possible buy

03-01-13, 04:44 PM
i totalled my wifes 2007 vette ragtop this week it was 2007 with only 7K mils on it/So we're thinking what to do now---im cuiriuos as to ride and seat comparisons between the 2 cars--we're not getting any younger and the vette could be difficult at times getting in/out--so we dont want anything harder than the vette as far as that--and we're not big fans of vey rigid cars--we have a STS V and EXT and like both those cars, but wanted some input on a possible buy of an XLR--there arent any available right now for me to look at or sit in,so thought id ask the forum memebrs thanks

03-02-13, 08:27 AM
Not any harder than a c6...roof a bit low, seats a bit softer and not as much side lumbar and boster support. The ride can be less firm...more of a roadster class than the all,out sports car that the vette is.

But, most of us that have driven both love the look of the XLR. Just be sure to read up on the issues to look for...top mech, general maintenance on that 4.4L n*, and other things

Good luck with your hunt!

Cadillac Cust Svc
03-04-13, 11:44 AM
We're sorry to hear about the accident, torched10! Glad that everybody seems to be okay.
Let us know if you want for us to run a vehicle search in your area - we're happy to help.
Sarah (Assisting Katie), Cadillac Customer Service

Ak Jim
04-05-13, 02:52 AM
Sorry, not trying to dog you too much, but your 44 and saying your not getting younger? :)