: CUE System Freezes My I-Pod

03-01-13, 10:06 AM
My IPod freezes after about 10-15 minutes of being connected. This happens every time I connect. I then have to manually reset the IPOD. When I reconnect, the same thing happens. Why is the CUE system overpowering my IPOD?

Cadillac Cust Svc
03-01-13, 01:50 PM
Welcome to the forum! Which iPod are you trying to connect with your CUE system? There is a list of supported Apple products on page 32 of the infotainment manual that should have come with your vehicle.

Sarah (Assisting Katie), Cadillac Customer Service

03-05-13, 12:40 PM
Have you had the CUE update installed yet? Knowing that and the model iPod you're using (and if the iPod software has been updated fully through iTunes) would be helpful.