: Transmission cooler lines

03-01-13, 08:41 AM
I have looked at the thread where the metal lines are replaced with rubber lines but would like to know if there is a kit out there made for the 04 EXT similar to this?


Or can I buy the end fittings somewhere?


03-01-13, 12:38 PM
No pre fab kit that I know of. You can piece together a kit using Russel or Aeromotive fittings. You can choose between SS braid or their black hi temp kits. #6 is the hose size and you would need fitting in the corresponding thread sizes. My suggestion would be to go with the black high temp hose as fiddling with SS braid can be a pain to get the fittings on the hose correctly.

03-01-13, 02:35 PM
Any idea what size fittings I would need?

03-01-13, 03:19 PM
you will need (2) 1/4 flare to #6 line adapters you can get them at Jegs they are $20 for the pair. after that you will need #6 hose, (4) hose end fittings these come in various degree's like 45,90, etc. depending on how you plan to run the hose. and then an external cooler. My suggestion is Setrab due to the volume of heat they displace, a bit pricey at about $200-300, but cheaper than tranny rebuild. You will need to make or modify a cooler mount for it. I would not use the old zip tie mounts method as the weight of the cooler on the rad can cause problems over time.