: Behavior of Rear Wiper

02-28-13, 05:41 PM
I'm wondering if the rear wiper acts in conjunction with front wipers when rain sense is on and interval is selected for rear? I seem to recall the salesman saying something about this. It seems to me that a fixed interval for the rear wiper is very limited in terms useful functionality as it doesn't generally need to wipe that often. I find that I have to manually turn it on and off all the time. For comparison, my X3 had the ability to adjust the length of the interval/delay according to the conditions. This was a useful option.

Marc NY
02-28-13, 07:43 PM
The rear wiper has two settings. Either it is constantly on or it is set to a fixed timed cycle which is not tied in with the Rain Sensor. Yes, it would be nice if it was tied into the front rain sensor.

*Reverse Gear Wipes:
If the rear wiper conrol is off, the rear wiper will automatically operate continuously when the shift lever is in R (Reverse), and the front windshield wiper is performing low or high speed wipes. If the rear wiper control is off, the shift lever is in R (Reverse), and the front windshield wiper is performing interval wipes, then the rear wiper automatically performs interval wipes.

03-01-13, 04:53 AM
I guess my salesman was misinformed. Thanks Marc. I had already read the manual.

03-01-13, 07:11 PM
OK Y'all. When I read the title to this thread it was all I could do to keep my mouth shut. (Or maybe not)

I prefer the Charmin Ultra myself. :eek:

03-01-13, 07:30 PM
Angel Soft

03-01-13, 08:29 PM
stick with P&G brands:thumbsup:

03-01-13, 10:07 PM
Haha you guys... :D