: Looking for 2007 Bluetooth Solution

02-28-13, 02:41 PM
Just purchased 2007 CTS-V and am looking for information on how other owners have addressed Bluetooth before I do
anything...Thank you for any feedback....

02-28-13, 04:55 PM
I was in the same boat as you, but there are some really good head units coming out. Going this route instead of piecing something together.


03-02-13, 04:27 PM
Thanks...looks like there is a lot of possibilities....

03-02-13, 06:03 PM
Galaxy1000 or Bluestar are about the same and work to varying degrees. There is an OEM option where you take the module from a Deville or Escalade or something and you have to wire it yourself, and change something in the car's computer and, and, and...

And I'd go that route (the OEM parts), but I can't find an explanation of how to do it. If you do, post it up, would you?

Changing the factory headunit wasn't an option for me, but I see a lot of threads where someone did just that. I get the idea it's not as simple as it is on other cars because some of the telematics go through some part of the unit, but I don't know for sure. I just mention it because if you're considering that route it's something you might want to look at.

03-02-13, 07:50 PM
I don't do much talking in the car, so I use a visor-mounted device for handsfree Bluetooth paired to my phone. I use a Jabra Freeway and I find it gets the job done, pairs fast, lasts about a 30 days between charges thanks to an auto-off sleep. Charges from ashtray/micro-usb adapter, and it has 10 or 14 hours of talk time if I need it (can't recall exactly). For a long drive playing audio from my phone (podcasts usually, but it also works for phone calls), it has a fm modulator in-built so I can port phone to Freeway via Bluetooth then Freeway to car speakers via FM station of your choice. Supports handsfree answer (say "answer call"), the voice command function on an iPhone works good (but Siri doesn't).

For a hundred bucks, my in-car phone problems are solved. It's certainly not as sophisticated as newer integrated BT head units, or cable-driven iPhone integrated systems, but it's a dead simple install and it will get the job done if your needs are simple.