View Full Version : alignment problems on 2007 DTS

02-26-13, 08:46 PM
Had the DTS aligned last April. Shouldn't have. Since then it veers left an will be in other lane in 3 secs. Took it back to dealer who told me to change left tire. Ha Ha HA. Put on new tires recently and still veers left. Even rotated left (drivers) tires, and still veers. What's wrong? I think it should be re-aligned once a year anyway.

02-26-13, 11:30 PM
Mine has never had an alignment...
2006 with almost 127,000 miles.
The tires wear evenly so I don't figure it needs it.

My Grandpa used to say... "Boy, if it AIN'T BROKE... don't go FIXING IT... :) :)

Texas Jim

02-28-13, 10:04 PM
Newer cars are really better than they were in the good old days. Used to be that weak frames, sagging springs and quickly wearing parts made wheel alignments a common thing. Now-a-days, you probably only need an alignment if you have a too-close encounter with a pothole or curb. Get used to the way your car drives and feels, and it will tell you when there's a problem. If the steering wheel goes off-center, that's a big tip-off.

In your case, I think the alignment job you got was probably a lemon. While this kind of problem can be caused by bad brakes, I would bet the cross-caster is off. The caster is not the same on both sides. This can cause some really squirelly behavior, but usually doesn't cause any tire wear. Ask around and find a good shop and get the job done over. Get them to ride with you so they can see what's going on.