: 94 Concours hand me down owner

01-03-05, 10:23 PM
My dad has been a Caddy man all his life, an occasional Olds guy too. Hey he had 7 mouths to feed. Anyhoo the story goes like this.....

(skip to last paragraph if you have A.D.D. like me)

Ma calls me up and asks me if i want the Caddy. Dad can barely walk anymore, ma likes the car too but was liking a slightly smaller car when she started gently bumping into things in the Caddy. My sibs and I have been politely suggesting they consider a smaller car for those milk runs and the trip to Sunday mass for quite some time now and i figured dad wanted me to have the car to sorta keep it all in da family.

When she asked if i wanted the car, I was thinking H3LL Yeah!!! but restrained myself out of respect and not wanting to appear overtly aroused at having a ( correction ) 270 HP luxury rocket. I graciously accepted the offer only to learn a moment later that the real reason they were passing the car on to me was more like they were ditching it. Ma explained that the car was having tranny problems. The car was at that super "We swear on a stack of phone books we are honest giant national tranny repair place" who's name i can barely think of much less utter aloud without feeling ill. long story short, AAMHO skrued me when i was 22. Never again would I trust a repair shop blindly, btw i'm 40 now and hopefuly a bit more wise.

Being the scientific type (Iím a network engineer) and untrusting of tranny shops, I did what us geeks do best, hit the net and researched. To my good fortune I stumbled upon this site. Cadillacforums.com IMHO is the friendliest site with real usable info from experts and regular folks alike who are helping others find honest answers to problems. Car owners have always gambled, hoping that the shop is honest. Here at Cadillacforums, we can breath that sigh of relief at least knowing the info we get corroborates the four grand estimate was legit, not that anyone wants to fork over a heap of loot but the alternative is to pay and never really know if they got over on ya.

My tranny problem and other general questions will be posted in the section dealing with 94 Devilleís, I did some homework on the subject and even played with the OBD which I thought was VERY super awesome cool. Hehe.. I kidded my wife that I'm hacking the Caddy, she rolled her eyes, typical wom..... um, never mind, I digress. If car techs are like puter techs, ya'll like a good problem to sink your teeth into, any help is greatly appreciated.


01-03-05, 10:52 PM
Welcome to the Cadillac Owner's Forums!


And I wish you the best of luck with your concours... :cheers:

Dont be afraid to post some pics aswell :cool:

01-04-05, 01:16 AM
welcome fellow P.C. DOC one thing you failed to mention....must be that A.D.D..... what is the tranny doing/not doing?

01-04-05, 08:17 AM
Welcome Scorpio!

That's quite a story! We are very thankful for the kind words about the people and the information you have found to be helpful. Good luck with the Concours. They are fine 300hp 2-ton beasts! Thanks for joining the forum.

01-04-05, 09:42 AM
The 411 on my tranny problems can be found here. This is a direct link to the post in the Cadillac DeVille (1985 to Present), 1985-1992 Fleetwood, 1993 Sixty Special / All FWD forum.




01-04-05, 10:22 AM
Congrats on the new Concours! I used to have a 94 Concours and I loved it!

But just so you know, it doesn't have 300 HP. In 1994 the Concours had 270 HP version of the Northstar.

01-04-05, 01:46 PM
Awww ratz. only 270 HP, << sigh >> guess im gunna have to just go ahead and get that exhaust kit (once I win the lottery) and maybe a few other mods to make me an honest man. I'v been telling my friends it's a 300 HP motor. my bad.

I wanna be able to post in the " put to shame " thread < grin > so a mod or two in the future is more than likely. I wonder if i can make it sound like my 77 Trans Am did, kinda like a blug blug blug...pause... almost stall....blug blug sound :) . It had a modified motor with a few other tweeks. I'm one of those guys who cant leave well enough alone lol but not overly outrageous.

01-04-05, 03:16 PM
I had a Superchips EPROM in my 94 Concours. It claimed to add 28 HP and 35 lbs-ft of torque. The chip was a little over $200. It definetely made a difference in my Concours! :thumbsup: