: amber led's for front turn signals

02-26-13, 02:38 PM
I was looking for an led bulb for the drl and noticed they have them in amber color. Has anyone replaced their front turn signals with amber led bulbs?

02-26-13, 05:45 PM
I really prefer the look of the amber daytime running lights on the first-generation cars. I've seen quite a few Chevy trucks that have been converted from white to amber lights and always thought that would be a cool modification for the second-generation CTS. To me, the amber lights make it clear they're dedicated daytime running lights (not just a cheap "turn on the high-beam element at a reduced brightness during the day" hack) and communicated "this is a GM vehicle" from a distance. I'm disappointed they've switched away from them.

Hopefully someone else has done this and can post some good pictures. With the "jeweled" reflector, I'm not sure if it would look good or not. Either way, please be sure to share some pictures if you opt for the modification! I'm curious to see how it looks.