View Full Version : Chk Emmisions/Chk Engine/Rough/Smelly

01-03-05, 08:47 PM
God. Where to I start. Long story short. 2 years I have had the same problem. Check Engine Light & Check Emmissions Lights never go off. Rough start after being warm, slight rough idle, bad exhaust smell and poor mileage.

10 dealership visits, many parts replaced.

Every time I go to the dealer they have a new part to replace until the last time, they just said "we don't know." Sent Cadillac 2 letters, only repsonse I got was a call to say "sorry we can't help you."

We have replaced: 3 O2 Sensors, Plugs, Wires, Evap Vacum Purge Switch (Twice), Evap Vacumn Seloniod, 3 Coil Terminals. Most recently I replaced a O2 Sensor that was sticking. The codes were off for about a week and half then came back.

I've had several different codes over the 2 years. Here is what is current list has: PC0441 Current, PC0603 History, RS0017 History, RF2560 History.

This has stumped 2 dealers and my brother who has been working on Northstars for a long time.

Ideas on the problem, or ideas on how to contact someone technical at Cadillac?

Thanks! Happy New Year