: Electronic mirror wiring and function operation

02-25-13, 05:01 PM
hey guys this is my first post here. i just pulled the rear veiw mirror out of a 2003 seville sts today. main reason i want it is to use the compass, but any direction or info on how i could get all the features working would be great. from the reading ive done so far, im lead to beleive that the box that i have attached to it is the compass. it has a white, yellow, black, orange and green wire going into it, then back into the mirror. it had another box somewhat attached to it, and i typed the number that was on it, into google and found out it was some sort of wiper sensor, which i have no interest in using so i took it off. and im pretty sure the little circle peice is for the onstar system becuase of the fact it says to wire to speakers on it.

basically what i want to know is if im correct about what ive said so far, and how i would go about wiring the compass up so it works. im also curious about the tempature sensor and it its built into the mirror, or if i have to go back to the same car and get the sensor out of it. any help, advice or pictures on the subject would be great!


all the wires that clip into the back of the mirror

this is what i think is the compass. all the wires go from the back of the mirror to this

inside of "the compass"

pretty sure this is for the onstar

02-25-13, 05:14 PM

If the mirror is from an '03, the mirror should be all 1 piece, other than the RainSense sensor. The compass is part of the mirror, there is nothing external.

The ambient temp sensor is attached to the hood latch assembly, but the mirror does not display the temperature.

There are after market compass mirrors available. You wouldn't have to deal with the extra wires and buttons, and some have map lights.

Edit: Now that I see the pictures, that does look like it's from an '01-'03, so that's the wiring diagram you'll need. Yes, the round thing is the OnStar mic.

You don't have to do any wiring for the compass to work, other than supply power to the mirror.

scott f
02-25-13, 05:24 PM
Go here and find some info http://www.the12volt.com/installbay/forum_posts.asp~TID~8560~PN~1~TPN~7

02-25-13, 05:44 PM
....another thing, when i look at the digital part of the mirror in the right light, it looks to me like it says F and C with the degrees symbol beside it.
The mirror has display capabilities that GM/Cadillac did not use. For example, the compass can be displayed as a conventional 3 digit "heading" figure instead of the GM default of one of 8 heading approximations (N, NE, E, etc).

If you can identify the manufacturer of the mirror, they might be willing to share internal specifications and external wiring requirements. But don't count on it!

02-25-13, 11:13 PM
Here are the schematics, location view, calibration procedure, and connector pin out for the 2003 Seville inside rear view mirror. These are from the 2003 Cadillac Seville Factory Service Manual (FSM):

http://www.gyan.com/cadillacforums/2003SevilleInsideRearviewMirrorDescriptionAndOpera tion.pdf
http://www.gyan.com/cadillacforums/2003SevilleInsideRearviewMirrorCompassCalibration. pdf

02-26-13, 08:00 AM
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