View Full Version : code tc 0073 ?

01-03-05, 08:08 PM
My traction control light comes on and onboard diag reads a tc0073 does anyone know what that is? It is in the shop for a wheel bearing/hub assembly which comes with a new speend sensor . this is what i thought was causing the light to come on, it started around the same time i heard the bearing starting to make noise. The shop told me the code says it needs a new traction control computer, ??

01-04-05, 10:43 AM
I had the same code. Scanner said it was a faulty right rear speed sensor. Checked the connections at all the wheel speed sensors and everything looked fine - no corrosion. Ok no big deal I figured I would need a new right rear bearing\hub\sensor in the future. Mechanic was dropping the engine for timesert repair and noticed corrosion in one of the harnesses within the engine bay. Cleaned terminals and the code has disappeared. Saved me 280$ for the new bearing\hub\sensor that I did not need. I am not sure where the harness is exactly in the engine compartment but it might be worth while to look into it. Just my .02 cents.

04-09-05, 07:28 PM
yes, i had the same code tc0073 as well as tc0061 while my abs and trac cont light was on. and as i was looking at the abs pump i noticed the harness off the side was rubbing against the cooling fan, so i moved the harness around and reset the codes and wha-la codes are gone and everything is ok now