: 2008 dts to iphone

02-25-13, 10:43 AM
I have a 2008 dts put into service 10/18/2007. What is the best way to connect my iPhone ? Bluetooth ? I hope so?? Please advise. Terry

02-25-13, 01:48 PM
For phone calls or just playing music? For music, you can just get an AUX cord for ~$10 that goes from the phone's headphone jack to the car's AUX input in the stereo head unit (where volume, radio controls, etc. are).

02-25-13, 04:19 PM
The 2008 DTS does not have Bluetooth, sorry. You'll either have to get an after-market Bluetooth kit or replace your VCIM with one from a newer model year. I would have loved Bluetooth, but 2009 models and up within a reasonable distance were out of my price range unless I got one with way more miles.

02-25-13, 06:11 PM
VCIM for sale...