: Factory wheel mass.

Hoosier Daddy
02-24-13, 05:45 PM
If someone knows the mass (terrestrial weights will do in lieu of) of the various factory wheels for the ATS, please post them.

Hoosier Daddy
03-07-13, 01:28 PM
Does anyone know the weights of the various wheels or where to get that information?

Anyone who is going to replace their factory wheels needs to know the weights if one of their goals is lighter wheels. I'd just take a tire off one of my wheels and weigh it but for some rediculous reason the factory refuses to ship me any of the wheels before they build the car. ;)

Hoosier Daddy
03-08-13, 07:10 PM
Katie PMed me the weights (on Earth). Thanks Katie!

The 17x8" painted wheels for the base model weigh 23.52 lbs each.

The 17x8" polished wheels for the Luxury collection (optional on base) weigh 25.26 lbs each.

The 17x8" painted wheels for the Performance collection weigh 25.26 lbs each.

The 18x8" machined wheels for the Premium collection (optional on Performance) weigh 24.32 lbs each.

The 18x9" machined rear wheels for the RWD Premium collection weigh 25.11 lbs each.

The 18x8" polished wheels (optional on Luxury or Premium collection) weigh 28.84 lbs each.

The 18x9" polished rear wheels (optional on RWD Premium collection) weigh 29.67 lbs each.

My ATS is a Performance which means the machined wheel is the only 18" available from the factory. I wanted the lightest. The dealer is willing to do a straight swap for the polished but now that I know they add over 18 lbs of rotational and unsprung mass, I'm keeping the machined. They are even lighter than the 17s from the Luxury and Performance collections.