: Rippy Cadillac, Wilmington NC

Hoosier Daddy
02-24-13, 12:46 PM
I talked to numerous dealers before ordering my ATS. I'm posting reviews for the four I spent the most time with. Since it was an order, I'm going to wait 'till I take delivery to review the dealer I bought from.

CadillacLuke24 of these forums suggested I contact Rippy Cadillac about ordering a new ATS.

I live about 2,000 miles away but also have friends and family all along the route between. The idea of a 2 week road trip with many stops along the way was appealing.

So I PMed Chris who helps people on these forums order parts from Rippy. He put me in touch with Katie.

Wow! What a great dealership and people to work with. The price was exceptional, enough lower than the local dealers I had talked to to pay for all the gas and part of the other travel expenses. And they were on top of any potential problems with buying out of state.

I've purchased cars out of state before but always had to run around to get them registered, pay the use tax, get a new title, etc.. Rippy was ready to do all that for me remotely for a very low fee. I know in an auto purchase its sometimes hard to know exactly what you are paying for some part of the transaction since they sometimes inflate one part to lower another but their fee for doing all the AZ paperwork was in the mid two digits. I'm not saying other dealers can't do this, but most are not shy at telling you about anything that can make them money and Rippy is the 1st dealer that ever offered to do the out of state paperwork.

Unfortunately something unexpected happened that meant it would be likely I couldn't be away long enough to drive the car back when it was ready. I was very disappointed to have to pass on the Rippy deal.

But for anyone who lives nearby or would enjoy a road trip starting in NC, I couldn't recommend Rippy Cadillac any higher. Definitely a first class dealership and people.