: '73 Eldorado Fuel Leak

02-23-13, 09:58 PM

I recently purchased a '73 Eldo Convertible & after about a month of driving am leaking fuel from the tank area. The leak only occurs while the engine is running which leads me to believe there may be a problem w/ the pump or fuel return line. Does that sound right? I assume the tank will need to be dropped down for repair.

Any feedback is appreciated. Also, if anyone knows of a reputable classic car shop to get maintenance/repair/bodywork done in the Denver area please let me know.



02-24-13, 10:59 PM
Your mechanical fuel pump mounts to your engine. Check your lines all through out the car for safe measure. I would also examine the tank to.

03-01-13, 01:17 PM
You have probably succumbed to the evils of ethanol fuel eating into the rubber lines that transition
form the tank to the fuel pump, return, and vapor canister.
There should be three short ( 4-5 inches) rubber lines coming from the steel lines to the tank
Get some ethanol resistant fuel line and replace ALL of them.
This happened to me on a low mileage 73 455 Buick. After getting three tankfuls of
Illinois' finest corm squeezzin's they started to melt from the inside out.
They'll look fine on the outside, but will be like black bubble gum inside.
Good luck!