: Fuse or electrical issue

02-22-13, 01:31 PM
Today at lunch I got into my car and for some reason the parking assist sensors, turn signal click ( the clicking noise that it makes) , and the volume on the radio was not working. However, the turn signal did work properly, and so did the navigation just no sound coming out. After lunch I got back into the car cycled the system and everything was working per norm. My question is could this just be a simple fuse, or a major electrical issue?

02-22-13, 05:37 PM
If a fuse blows, it will not repair itself. Almost everything is controlled by processors (computers) now, sometimes just a reboot is all that is needed.

02-23-13, 09:08 AM
It's most likely a small glitch. A restart usually fixes these things, if not, dropping a battery cable and reconnecting it will.

02-23-13, 12:21 PM
I used to get the same issue in my 2008 CTS. Took it to dealer and they did a software update to the audio system. It still happened from time to time, but restarting the car always re-set everything. Never did find out the cause, and so far no problem with the 2012 SRX.

Cadillac Cust Svc
02-24-13, 05:05 PM
Amcberetta, I'm sorry to hear about your sound concerns! If you would like to involve your dealership at any point, please let me know. Customer Service is always happy to contact your dealer on your behalf to follow up. I'm reachable at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com for further assistance!


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