: 2003 ESV - safe to use floor jack on front engine crossmember?

02-21-13, 05:49 AM
So it's time to start doing some maintainance on my Escalade, I am armed with the factory service manuals and am ready to dive in... BUT..

Just as a precaution I always read the section in my cars repair manuals that talks about jacking points, and this one covers the usual places, like the frame rails and the rear differential... but reading through it, it says NOTHING about using the engine crossmember to lift both the front wheels off the ground.

Now I assume this would be okay to do as pretty much ALL cars built are designed with this provision just for that reason, but i find it odd that the manual says nothing about it... Afterall, theres a good chance that one of the GM full size trucks will be someones first car they work on, and omitting that info will make someones life a pain later down the road who doesn;t know any better.

So before I do this, I guess I should ask: is there any sort of special exception with the crossmembers on these trucks? Jacking up each front corner seperately and trying to fit jackstands underneith as well doesn't sound appealing at all!!

02-21-13, 06:06 AM
I have used the crossbar far jacking purposes a few times. I have not experienced any problems.