: Towing with my SRX

02-19-13, 09:42 PM
My wife and I are considering purchasing a boat soon, does anyone here currently tow a boat with their SRX? How does it perform while driving and on the ramp?

02-20-13, 06:26 AM
My boat/trailer weighs 1,800 lbs, and I had U-haul put the hitch on, so it doesn't have the factory setup. It pulls it fine, and I have never spun a wheel at the ramp pulling it out, even on a dirt ramp that was quite steep. Passing cars is just a matter of hitting the gas more. A quick down shift and it is hauling ass like the boat wasn't even there.

02-20-13, 06:32 AM
I haul two Luxury Sea-Doo's around in the summer time with my old 3.0 AWD SRX. It pulls quite fine, the torque is a little low, but more throttle fixes that.


02-20-13, 07:56 AM
Glad to hear that its steps up to the plate. I will be pulling a heavier boat close to 3,000 lbs. I know towing in a straight line won't be a problem but I am concerned with potential trailer swaying from passing cars, rear end sag and boat ramp slippage. Knowing that you pull your boat out with no problem is good news. How do the brakes perform while your towing your toys?

02-21-13, 06:20 AM
The brakes are really good, just make sure to leave some extra lead time for the weight. They stay strong and didn't show any signs of fade for me!

02-21-13, 09:22 AM
Hi guys...

Towing jet skis and towing a boat is two different things. Whats the length of your boat and trailer combined? If you have trailer brakes, that is a plus, if not!!!!! I am not a big fan of towing things with the SRX, they are not meant to tow much. Just not enough vehicle. Just my thoughts....

Huey Driver
02-21-13, 11:50 AM
OP had originally posted approx 3000 lbs. I'm pretty sure here in VA anything over 3000lbs (could be 2500) must have brakes and a breakaway system. However, with the towing package, the book says you can tow up to 3500lbs (2500 without).
I'd have brakes on anything that big. Always nice to be able to tap the brakes controller to straiten it out if it starts to wander behind you...

02-21-13, 08:17 PM
I'd suggest that you add the trans cooler if you intend to tow 3000 lbs. I added it to my SRX, since I tow a small trailer loaded with firewood from time to time. To install the trans cooler requires removal of the front bumper cover, but ii is a fairly east install. Don't want to have warranty issues in the event of a trans problem. Also, if you intend to add the fog lights or HID low beam headlights, that would be the time to do it.


02-23-13, 09:13 AM
True on the trans cooler, two Sea-Doo's are 500 Kg a piece, plug 200 Kg for the trailer, so that's only a total of 1200 Kg (2645 lbs). I pulled that around without a trans cooler and it was fine, mind you, I didn't traverse the mountains and that's only 50 Kg over the manufacturer specs for having a trans cooler.