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Marc NY
02-19-13, 12:36 PM
I must admit that I have never actually looked closely between a Performance/ Premium SRX headlamp and that of a base & Luxury SRX's headlamp fixture. Obviously, I know that the base & Luxury models do not come with the articulating HID assembly’s. However, today while I was out at the dealership I was looking more closely at one of their Luxury models and I finally noticed some of the differences between the two styles that I didn't know were there before. When I looked closely at the base & Luxury models I could see that they have two small LED lights that come on instead of the full vertical LED bars that are on the Perf. & Prem. models. I also noticed that there wasn't any raised Cadillac emblem/ logo on the inside of the base & Luxury model headlamps and the lower lenses were different too ... just curious if anyone else noticed these differences before as well? :confused:


02-20-13, 06:36 AM
I have seen this before, yes. :)

02-21-13, 06:22 AM
Also note the Adaptive (HID) has a Chrome finish around the projector, and the non HID one is just a Satin finish. Also a different design for the shroud's too (the surround for the projector).

02-21-13, 09:02 AM
Yup, the Mrs. noted this immediately when we bought hers. Our Performance was parked next to a Luxury and right away, she knew what she wanted (for me it didn't matter, but she really liked the light bars)

02-25-13, 05:36 AM
Luckily I went with Performance level because I actually didn't know about the led bar for parking light until AFTER I bought it. But also I don't think the base/lux version have another bulb next to the signal bulb because that's the DRL on the higher trims and of course DRL is the low beam on the lower trims...