: Front sway bar bushings

02-19-13, 07:37 AM
hello guys, i want to replace my front sway bar link bushings. how to do it ???? according my alldata i need to drop whole front support frame and lift engine. seriously?....... there is easy way to do it??????
Thank you

02-21-13, 07:50 AM
Hello!. Anybody ??

02-21-13, 04:41 PM
Easy job. The drop links have their bushings already. Just lift and support the front of the car, undo the bolts securing the links, replace the links and tighten the bolts.

02-21-13, 10:14 PM
actually i was talking about Stabilizer Bar Bushing there are two of them on each side
thank you

02-22-13, 07:29 PM
The title says sway bar bushings, post #1 says links. Which is it?

02-22-13, 09:33 PM
i just explained wrong. i already replaced both links now want to replace bushings on the bar it self
thank you

02-23-13, 05:04 AM
Yeah...Not hard. It is best if you can put it on a lift. It might be a bit of a small bugger to get your tools in to loosen the bolts.
However, what I did was loosen the bolts holding the bushings down and removed the old bushings. You should see how to manipulate the hold-down bracket.

Bear in mind, the new bushing will be stiff and you will have to use some strength to get the news one's down.

It is pretty straight forward. Use a flashlight so you can see it well too.