: Transmission ?? / engine temp light.

02-19-13, 01:27 AM
What's up !! I've got a 68 coupe that I want to put a trans in it that has over drive. I was thinking of the 700r4. Any comments or help as to make my trans decision
easier for me...one of my buddies said that I may need an adapter or something of that nature to mate it up with the 472. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Second problem I have had is the engine temp light. I can't seem to figure. Exactly what it is. I have read online about some guys with the same issue. Some say it is linked to the pin switch on the driver side door for the dome switch. I have looked for the pin switches online to purchase and can't seem to have any luck. Mine are both bad. I have them disconnected and still is one. At help on this issue wild be greatly appreciated as well

Thank guys in advance

02-19-13, 09:25 PM
Your over temp light and buzzer is turned on by a temp switch on the drivers side head in the back near the fire wall close to the last sparkplug.. It has only wire going to it.. Just pull the wire off or try to find a good sensor temp switch...
Forget trying to put a 700r4 or a 200 4r in there.. they won't hold up to the weight of the car and the torque of the motor.. A 4L80e would work , but it needs a computer to run it.. A bullet proof way to get over drive is with a gear vendors unit.. It will bolt to the back of the th400 and have to shorten the driveshaft...

The Ape Man
02-23-13, 11:18 AM
If the engine had been paart the blower relay enable sensor and the engine hot sensor could have been switched. Symptom would be engine hot lamp comes on as soon as engine warms up in cold climates. The lamp would probably stay on all the time in warm climes.