: will STS rims fit the brembo caliper? how about 04 CTS rims?

02-18-13, 06:38 PM
Looking for another set of wheels.
Found some STS rims, 17x8, 5x115, but not sure if the rims will touch the big brembo caliper or not.

also found some 04 CTS rims, same question

pics here

those are far from me (around 2 hours driving), so it would be nice if I could find out it won't fit, before I go and drive that long trip.


02-19-13, 06:07 PM
by everything that I have seen they should fit, but why would you want to take off a new wheel made for your vehicle and put something that is almost 10 years old? To each their own, but I really think you could find a better option. Have you considered having your factory wheels chromed?