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02-17-13, 05:20 PM
I was driving with my wife, daughter and her fiance here in Atlanta on our way to a popular steak house called McKendick's Steak House. I knew where and how to get to it but wanted to show everyone how great CUE is so I activated CUE and said" POI" then I said "Restaurants". I got the lecture from Miss CUE (Get it misscue?) on how to speak CUE. I pressed the wheel voice button to try again and my daughter tried "McKendricks". MissCue started her lecture again and I cut her off with the wheel button and tried again. After the beep my wife said "McKendrick's Restaurant" to which Misscue replied with her lecture on how to speak CUE. After cutting her off once again and after the beep we were all laughing so hard it was difficult for Miscue to understand any of us. Finally I said "Steak House" and viola, Miscue said"look to your right and when it is safe to do so select one of the displayed restaurants". Sure enough it was there but a new CUE car game would be to see who wins a free drink by being the one who Miscue seems to understand the best. I assure you it will make for some great fun and disbelief at how funny new technology can be. It would only be fair if the place was new to all of the people in the car and Miscue had not ever heard the request before. Codeman, you guys may be able to market Miscue as a rival to SIRI but you might have to give her a few more lines to read back to us. Like, "Miscue is my wife a good person?" She will respond with "Pardon, I do not understand your request?" So we could call it CUE TIPS or MISSCUE.

02-17-13, 07:25 PM
inspectorudy - Great story. But why didn't your daughter's fiance try it? Assuming the 3 of you don't have one so may be he has an accent misscue can understand - most of the time she doesn't understand my German one. LOL.

02-17-13, 11:57 PM
He was laughing too hard to respond and he is on my case about buying a car that my cannot communicate with!

02-18-13, 12:13 PM
Well, I have yet to hear of a "perfect" voice control system, be it on a PC or any other device (not talking about my own (accent) problem, never mind spending many or few dollars for voice control software, although improvements have been made. My previous STS also had voice control (it wouldn't always initialize - which was another problem the company which GM employed couldn't fix - even left the car with them for 3 weeks when on a holiday - they spend a fortune to replace everything possible, some twice). Anyway, that and OnStar, which was always available, would seldom understand me - "go home" or just "home" - in case it heard go as show - often resulted in "showing ski resort icons" or the like -and even my wife who doesn't have an accent and speaks very clearly (as needed when she works on stage), had problems - so I accummulated over 500 minutes having to add new ones yearly in order to carry-over existing ones (as I was able to use it to call my home phone having been able to store that number after various attempts - it always immediately recognized the name I gave it (my last name) not so with other ones).