: Pedal Covers CTS Coupe premium

02-17-13, 04:41 PM
Has anyone used Gas/Break Pedal covers?

Wanted to know if they are easy to install, if they slip or loosen when driving, and any recommendations on where to buy... Thanks

02-17-13, 11:03 PM
I have the gm accessory ones for my coupe. I love them. They look perfect. The accelerator is actually not just a cover. It is the whole assembly. That is why they are more expensive. The brake is a cover replacement. You take the old rubber off and it first perfectly. IMO worth the money. But I was lucky enough to convince the dealer to throw them in when I ordered my coupe. I would have paid for them if he hadn't.

02-18-13, 01:07 PM
I have read that the brake pedal is a little difficult to install, but not too bad. Maybe just a couple of adult phrases might be muttered.

02-18-13, 10:44 PM
I have read that the brake pedal is a little difficult to install, but not too bad. Maybe just a couple of adult phrases might be muttered.

Haha it was a bit of a pain. I used a heat gun to soften it. And surprisingly a spoon handle worked the best to move the rubber into place haha

02-19-13, 04:08 AM
GM photo of stainless sport pedal covers for 2008+ CTS:

Photo of stainless sport pedal covers installed in my 2011 CTS4 Premium:

I highly recommend the sport pedal kit - it really enhances the look of the CTS interior, along of course with a nice set of carpet mats. :)

Link to a related thread I created in the CTS General Discussion forum: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2008-cadillac-cts-general-discussion/256756-installed-lloyd-ultimat-carpet-floor-mats.html

02-19-13, 08:44 AM

Link to dead pedal picture.

02-21-13, 05:58 PM
thanks...you all are a big help.. love the looks! i am going to order.

03-06-13, 08:29 PM
Just curious... my accelerator assembly came mounted in a new bracket (ordered from dealer). The instructions showed just removing the assembly from the existing bracket and remounting assembly into the existing bracket. This is the route I took because it looked much easier than trying to get to the bracket fasteners, especially the top one. It was still no picnic getting my big a** under the dash and reaching for those bolts though. Brake pedal cover was easy to get 3 sides on but that last corner was a pain. Heating the rubber definately helps. Old cover popped right off no problem. Really a nice touch to finish out the interior on my performance model. Maybe 30 minute job and definately a few choice words muttered. So did you guys reuse the existing metal bracket or change it too?

03-07-13, 04:10 PM
I used the accelerator assembly [aka "Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor"] exactly as supplied, complete with bracket. Getting to the top bracket fastener in the car wasn't the easiest thing, but it really wasn't too bad. Installing the new brake pedal cover was definitely the most difficult task.


03-07-13, 04:37 PM
I did the same thing as RAB. Also I completely agree. The brake was the hardest part. Even with a heat gun.

03-08-13, 06:17 PM

I had to order those Lloyd's mats after seeing your picture!

03-09-13, 06:36 PM
Glad to hear you've ordered yourself a set of Lloyd's mats. :2thumbs: My apologies for making you spend more money! :D
A nice set of carpet mats certainly complete the look of the CTS interior.