View Full Version : EBC Rotors, Red stuff and SS lines. Wow!

Motown Cad
02-17-13, 02:39 PM
Just installed a set of EBC Rotors with a set of Red Stuff Pads and some Racing Brake SS lines. MOther of GOd what braking! Time Stops. The difference is amazing and the braking engages hard within an inch of travel. I was lucky enough to have the help 2 good friends (fellow Navy Chiefs) who know their stuff and we bled (mightvac and then hard pumped) and completely flushed brake system.



Sorry, only had cell phone.

02-22-13, 01:17 AM
Good to know. Thanks!

02-22-13, 02:25 AM
I like those rotors!

02-22-13, 09:47 AM
How's the dust compared to stock?

02-22-13, 10:37 AM
How's the dust compared to stock?
I use the same pads... I've noticed maybe 10% less dust if that... barely anything different

Motown Cad
02-22-13, 06:22 PM
It appears to be a little less. I will know for sure after tomorrow mornings cleaning. I'll let you know. These have made such an impression that I'm going to focus solely on suspension and ride for now. HP later.

02-23-13, 01:25 AM
How much did it set you back?

Motown Cad
02-23-13, 07:33 AM
Give Auto Anything a call. They will give you a discount on them. But usually EBC products are on the "not subject to sale prices list". The lines came from Racing Brake and they have very good customer service. Everything was less than $900.