: 2013 SRX After Market Antena

02-16-13, 10:19 AM
Just picked up a 2013 SRX and need to replace the antena. Anyone have any sugguestions where I could find a shorter antena? Mine isn't clearing the garage door and it's a pain to keep taking it off. Thanks

02-16-13, 11:21 AM
Here's what I installed on my SRX. Very happy with it.



Marc NY
02-16-13, 02:15 PM
Here's what I installed on my SRX. Very happy with it.

PhilI am not 100% sure but I would tend to believe that the OnStar signal might be compromised with that style fin on your SRX. It looks like that nice looking fin is designed for AM & FM only. It doesn't say if it is compatible with OnStar as far as I can read. It looks as if it is designed to replace short style antennas only.

Off the Shark Fin Antenna website:

"While designing the VG Shark Fin Antenna, we focused not only on creating a unique shape that is stylish and aerodynamic, but also in designing an antenna that would maintain AM/FM radio reception" ... we found that the VG Shark Fin Antenna performed consistently better than any stubby antenna fitted on the same car.

How is your OnStar signal with that Shark Fin antenna? If it doesn't compromise the OnStar signal I would say then that looks like a great option to install. However, that being said, I would believe that GM would have used that same exact style (GM already uses that style on various other models) if it was properly suited for the SRX.

02-16-13, 04:33 PM
There are a couple threads on installing the fin antennas on the SRXs. See below:


They seem to work fine, as the OnStar does not use the arial portion of the antenna. The OnStar coil is in the antenna base, only AM/FM use the arial portion.


02-16-13, 08:52 PM
I have not had an issue with Onstar working. I don't use it a lot, but when I have, it has worked fine. Hopefully, the Captian will chime in, as he has the same antenna.


02-20-13, 08:32 PM
Yes, there seems to be no compromise with any bands (am, fm, XM) or OnStar even as North as we are.

11-27-13, 07:34 PM
The OnStar coil is in the antenna base, only AM/FM use the arial portion.

In researching this issue as it relates to my pending purchase of an SRX after the first of the year I came across this. Prior model years may be different.

From the 2014 SRX CUE Manual:

Backglass Antenna

The AM-FM antenna is integrated with the rear window defogger in the
rear window. Do not scratch the inside surface or damage the lines
in the glass. If the inside surface is damaged, it could interfere with
radio reception. For proper radio reception, the antenna connector
needs to be properly attached to the post on the glass.

Multi-Band Antenna

The roof antenna is for OnStar, SiriusXM Satellite Radio (U.S. and
Canada only), and GPS (Global Positioning System). Keep clear of
obstructions for clear reception.

That being the case then Sirius/XM, OnStar and GPS might be impacted - AM/FM reception would not be affected at all.