: Hub replacemnet

02-15-13, 11:01 PM
So after a long wait, my car is finally back from the shop and is ready to go under the knife within the next two weeks.

My mechanic has diagnosed my left rear hub going bad. Probably the source of my abs/stabiltrak warnings that come and go. Want to get this taken care of while we are doing the pulley/throttle body/plugs-wires/injectors.

Now comes the questions. I get a decent discount through work through both GM and NAPA. Both of these are more expensive then the route of the ones available on ebay.

So when it comes down to it, what route is the best to go? I dont really want to cheap out, but what is the difference between a $120 set, a $275 set and a $400 set. I see the ridiculous mark up the end consumer gets, and I actually get a better warranty going through napa vs oem and the ones on ebay.

The car is my daily driver. Plan for it to be so for the next few years. I dont want to skimp on it, but i also dont want to pay twice what i should

Dave G
02-16-13, 08:30 AM
OEM or Timken. I've chased ABS/Stabilitrack issues when using cheapo wheel bearings. Once replaced with a Timken - gone. The job isn't hard, but it's not worth saving $100 to possibly have to do it again.

02-16-13, 10:57 AM
OEM or Timken. I've chased ABS/Stabilitrack issues when using cheapo wheel bearings.

I agree. I've changed wheel bearings on several vehicles over the years and the eBay cheapos always meant I did it twice. The last set of cheapies I bought was a $60 a pair off of eBay for my winter beater, they lasted less than 10K miles and were gone/loose.

On my Trailblazer I ended up getting only about 15K out of the first set of eBay cheapies before I developed problems with the ABS. In that vehicle it wasn't the sensor that went bad but problems with the reluctor wheel inside the bearing.

Not only did it cost me more in the end, but when I figure the time I spent on the vehicles doing the jobs a second time it was more expensive than doing it the right way the first time.

02-16-13, 03:20 PM
a poster recommneded GMParts direct for my weatrherstripping GM price was 142, and GMP was 92--just got it and its a true GM part--id check them out--send them your VIN and theyll give you a price