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02-15-13, 03:13 PM
I was sipping my coffee in my 04 Crimson Pearl XLR with the top down (ofcourse) and 2 young ladies came out of DD and one of them said " hey, what are you doing in my car" I quickly replied "I borrowed it". She said "I want it back". I quickly replied "Give me your address and I will bring it back when I am done". She gave me her adress, I smilled and screeched off. That my friends is priceless.... OOOOO to be young and single again.......................... Here is a nother quick but true story.

I was showing a lady my car that I knew and we sat in it and I turned around and asker her if she wanted to take the top down. She immediately pulled her tube top down. I smiled (they were realy nice) and said I wanted you to push this button and hold it down. Then the hardtop went down. She giggled (I think she misunderstood me) and we went for a drive.......................quickly around the block and then back to my place. Here is a pic of her in my driveway....103918

02-24-13, 01:25 AM
I thought you were going to show a pic of the girl. Nice car though.

02-25-13, 09:23 AM
My gal and I take several road trips in the XLR annually. On the last trip in 2011, we were returning from Road Atlanta and she volunteered to drive part of the way back. I enjoy driving so I always drive regardless of the distance, but this time I figured 'what the hell don't be so selfish, she'll enjoy it.' So with 150 miles till home we changed places, I gave her a quick tutorial on what she may encounter and how to deal with it, got comfortable and went to sleep. I think she enjoyed it a little too much. When she pulled up at my house, she opened the trunk and said, "See ya next week." SHE LET ME OUT AND KEPT THE CAR!

That'll never happen again!