: Flow of Traffic Indicator Lines

02-15-13, 07:53 AM
I'm in the Sirius XM free trial period in a new 2013 SRX Premium. The other day I was riding in my wife's car that has the Sirius XM traffic package and I noticed that the flow of traffic indicator lines were present on a highway where I'd never seen them in my car. As I thought about it I realized I'd seen those lines only once on any road in the two months I'd had the SRX. I toggled the menu item to show the traffic flow lines off and then back on, talked to Sirius who sent a refresh signal, had the car in for service (everything's normal with no fault codes they said) and drove two other 2013 SRX's that didn't show the traffic flow indicators on roads my wife's Lincoln did. What's been your experience with the traffic flow indicators? Pleasindicyouryour model and year when you reply.

02-15-13, 08:27 AM
Im also in my free trial period for XM. I get verbal warnings of traffic like accident ahead, narrow lanes. I don't usually have the GPS map up unless I'm using it. What should I be looking for to indicate traffic on the map? I have an XTS Premium with GPS.

02-15-13, 08:31 AM
When traffic is flowing normally green lines should parallel major highways if you are in an area covered by the Sirius XM traffic system. As traffic slows, the parallel lines turn yellow. When there is major congestion the parallel lines turn red.

02-15-13, 01:09 PM
Hmm, having just posted elsewhere that we Canadians do not get weather and traffic with our XM, here is an interesting question: "Is this function part of the car or just part of the signal. e.g. Would I get that when driving in the US and would the US car owners not get it when driving in Canada"? - I recall that OnStar "satellite" phone service on my 2003 STS didn't work in Mexico. On my drive to Cancun in early 2007, after being insided Mexico by more than about 20 miles it quit and I only received some Spanish announcements (worked for the first 20 miles inside Mexico), so even though connection was via Satellite and not a local tower, it wouldn't work in Mexico. GPS of course would not work in Mexico either on the 2003 STS as there were no Mexican maps available at that time at least not from GM. Garmin had a map but only for a narrow strip along the major highway from Texas to Mexico City.

Sir CussFreq
02-15-13, 03:04 PM
The XM traffic doesn't work for crap in my ATS, at least not here in TX... I've been sitting stopped on the highway while the traffic indicator shows green. Other times, the traffic indicators simply aren't present. Since I use Pandora more than anything, I won't be renewing the XM subscription.

02-28-13, 04:00 PM
Just renewed my XM form the free period for 6 months $29
Nav Traffic is +$4/month and Travel Link is another +$2/month.
I dropped all but the basic XM; the traffic stuff is nice but so often is completely wrong that I never counted on a GREEN expressway not to have a 2 mile backup, seen accidents all the time never on the updates, etc!

03-01-13, 10:04 PM
get a galaxy note 2 for a phone, and use the free google gps. Not only is it top notch and updated and part of the phone package making it "free", but it also properly guides you around traffic 100% of time. If you are getting a caddy that has the cue system, no need to get the gps for the bigger screen as cue comes with it.

03-21-13, 05:15 PM
Best traffic app I have seen is called Waze -- users can report police, road hazzards, etc and the gps monitors speed so maps so real time speed of users when there is a traffic jam. I use it on long trips to monitor traffic/police.

03-22-13, 08:21 AM
I had a long chat with the XM rep, who actually called me out of the blue to see if I am happy. Told her I live in a major metro area (DC), and only see traffic lines on major interstates (3!), which is remarkably inadequate when compared to phone map apps. She "escalated" the issue to the XM gods, and got back with me the next business day (which was very good). They only offered platitudes such as "we are adding major markets all the time", and no excuses for the lack of secondary roads. I'd already renewed for a year (just gotta have all options! LOL i.e., sucker!) because the traffic alerts are deeper and more accurate, but I told her next year I'd drop it if they didn't add more roads. Personally, I wouldn't recommend staying with this option. I think it's a waste.