: Would You buy it?

02-14-13, 10:12 PM
Hi guys new to the forum from N Texas, I'm hrs away from pulling the trigger on this 07 CTS-V with 66k miles, guys asking 20k but i offered 18.5. all stock its black with aluminum wheels an older guys car. Is it worth it and should I do it? TIA

02-14-13, 10:17 PM
I'm sure many people that have much more knowledge on the subject than me will chime in but yes! That's a great price on that car. As long as it hasn't been abused that looks like a pretty good deal.

I bought my '05 6 months ago with 79k and I paid $19,500. Mine wasn't a steal by any means but as soon as I drove it I knew it was the right one.

Looks good to me but wait on some of the experts in here to chime in...

02-14-13, 10:32 PM
thanks man just looking for a little confidence boost in my offer! haha don't want any buyers remorse if i bring this baby home


alright 19k to do or not to do... what would a guy have to be worried about with this car? I plan on daily driving it to keep from driving my 3/4 ton diesel everywhere i go and highly doubt i ever try to push this thing past 450rwhp.

02-14-13, 10:32 PM
^^^ahhhh....just buy it....mash the throttle and grab some gears....you'll NEVER be remorseful.....

02-14-13, 11:04 PM
yea go for it. You wont regret it at that price. Both of mine a dd and one hits the track 5-8 times a year. Haul the kid around in it with no problems. Basic stuff is need to keep it going is all. Oil tires stuff like that. Don't beat on it without taking care of it and you will be fine. Over 117k on the one that see the track.

02-15-13, 07:20 AM
... an older guys car. ...There's your answer. :D

02-15-13, 10:50 AM
Well, did you close the deal??

Cadillac Cust Svc
02-15-13, 02:26 PM
You've got us caught up in suspense, dirtyD68! What did you decide yesterday?
Sarah (Assisting Katie), Cadillac Customer Service

02-15-13, 03:53 PM
That is a great deal. My 06 has slightly less and I was going to put it up for sale for much more than that. Go for it!

02-15-13, 08:44 PM
Sorry about that! its going down tuesday! we're about 5 hrs apart and wasn't going to be able to swing it today so Tuesday!

Bill Rubeck
02-15-13, 09:23 PM
Only my opinion, but since these cars are hard to find now, (in good condition), I believe if the car is in good condition, just buy it. More important is the choice of what you chose to spend on it after you get it.
If you are like me, as long as you have a good starting point, you can make it whatever you want out of it. So original investment will no be as big of a factor, as long as YOU end up with what YOU want at the end. These cars are very cool, demand attention and can change peoples opinions (lifelong Ford guy before this). My only regret is waiting to long to get a V, and joining this forum.

02-17-13, 01:11 PM
prices have been teens to upper 20s for the last few years. it's really up to the seller and buyer, after that. if neither of you are happy, then it was a fair deal.

02-17-13, 05:22 PM
Nothing wrong with that price. It's a good car go for it. MPG won't be much better than your diesel though...

02-18-13, 12:35 AM
^^^ i'm about 90% sure i'm goin after it tuesday. yeah my truck doesnt do too bad for what it is but fuel is much cheaper for the gasburner. my main problem with mileage on the truck is the speed limits on most of the highways here are 75 so its hard to not want to run at least that or 80, it will get about 20mpg if i can keep it closer to 65 but completely changes the game when you run at 75 it gets about 14-15mpg. anyway mileage isnt a killer on this deal i just need another vehicle to dd when im not working, (i'm in construction and demolition) plus i don't live right in town so it's very unjustafiable to run 10 miles one way into town to get lunch or make errands in the truck.

02-18-13, 01:30 AM
A few guys took their time when I sold my '05, seemed they had to think about it. First guy that showed sat in my driveway slackjawed and bought the car on the spot. The slow pokes all called back over the next week, they were SOL. WTF are you waiting for, someone else to snatch it up? FYI, I'm an "older fellow" and I sold with the halfway done 6th set of tires on it at 75,000 miles, so I'm not sure what age has to do with it. The question is how many rear ends have been replaced in the car, mine was Zero.

02-18-13, 08:03 AM
I got mine for 22 with 75k miles on it... but that was 2010

I agree with 18.5, but I would have played the year model card and negotiated lower starting off.

...and tires.