: Info Pages on DIC Disappeared!

02-12-13, 09:02 AM
I'm not sure when or how (maybe yesterday when the engine died when coasting to a stop?) however I'm missing many of the information pages for the DIC.
I normally display voltage on left, fuel range on right, however this morning they were both displaying different pages. I tried to cycle through to put them back however they weren't listed there.
So then I went into settings, info pages on the DIC display and notice that they're no longer even listed as select-able!
I'm not sure of all the ones I'm missing, however I know I'm missing voltage, fuel range, instantaneous MPG, & speed limit.
I have 6 to choose from including blank page.

Anyone else have this problem?.. I plan to call my dealer later this morning.
Everything on the main display seems to be the same, setttings, etc...

02-12-13, 11:22 AM
Spoke to the dealer, he didn't know of it happening on any other vehicles.
I'll be dropping the car off tomorrow afternoon.

02-13-13, 09:53 AM
Update: This seems to have fixed itself (joy)!..
When I started the car leaving from work everything was back to normal.

For some reason none of this surprises me.. I thought this was automotive grade equipment, not a PC that I have to reboot to work correctly!..