View Full Version : engine dies frequently-pc0231 the problem?

01-01-05, 03:41 PM
Hey, i've got a 96 eldorado, I had a starting problem before, had sufficient gas pressure, I replaced the fuel pressure regulator, that didn't work, replaced the fuel injectors, and that cured the long starting problem. A few days after Christmas, the car started dying when I was coasting on the off ramp of the freeway. I read the pc0101, which was the MAF sensor, so I replaced that, and now after replacing that, the car died about four or five times in stop-and-go traffic. After I got the car home, it wouldn't restart at all, and all of a sudden I got the "service fuel system" message and the pc0231current diagnostic reading-sort of a relief in that I think I've pinpointed the problem, but I'm not sure if that is my only problem (pc0231 is the fuel pump relay circuit low voltage), any suggestions?