View Full Version : GM Stepper Motor Replacement and Instrument Panel Disassembly/ THE FIX and it works

02-11-13, 02:26 PM
15 mins done, that was so very easy it's a shame how much cadillac dealer charges for out of warranty service. Just called cadillac in Greenbelt, MD. The service advisor told me they would have to pull the dash out and order a replacement unit, over night it, and install it. I would not have my truck for 2 days. I just completed that job in less then 15 mins, the speed according to GPS is 2 miles faster. The total job from the dealer would be $750.00-$900.00 buck. I got two steppers for less then $11.00 threw eBay. Are you Kiddin me!!! Thank you for this video, I just saved over $700.00 bucks!!!:yup:


08-11-13, 04:27 AM
Thank you SO SO much for this thread!! I did the whole job in about an hour (I'm a pretty careful kind of guy, I went slow)

Works great! saved me over $400 and now I know how fast I'm going!