: SD card can't recognize non-unicode file/folder name?

02-10-13, 12:09 AM
Just tried to use my SD card slot. But the system returned "no media found" while there are lots MP3 files in the SD card, and worked well on other devices.
I then tried another card and put some music in it, the system recognized it and plays well.

I noticed the difference is that, the one doesn't work has folder and files which are named with non-unicode characters.
I then added some files with non-unicode files to the card, this time the system can't find any music from the card.

I wasn't expecting it to display them correctly but at least (on other cars/devices) the media could be found and played (even with random or no file names)
But it seems that the non-unicode file name will "contaminate" the whole disk, and nothing could be recognized by the system.

My car does not have a CUE.
Don't know if others have had the same issue. Is it just the SD slot, or USB is the same case?


correction -
Maybe I should not use "non-unicode", actually Chinese characters are unicode, but are not ASCII, or not latin alphabets.