: Need to find new drivers side head lamp and grille... Deer are the Devil's spawn

02-09-13, 05:34 AM
Clipped a deer after it bounced off of another car last night, I have no clue where to look for the grille or drivers side light.... 2nd deer in six months, and I don't even have a license to hunt yet... Much appreciated. Kicking myself right now! I'm also new to this so if I posted in the wrong thread don't hate me please!

02-09-13, 08:10 AM
Sorry to hear. You're in the right place, btw.

02-09-13, 09:54 AM
Try www.car-part.com ... might need to just search a major part and then call those salvage yards if they have what you need.

Or www.clevelandpickapart.com


Direct link to CTS-V http://www.clevelandpickapart.com/cadillac_cts_v.html

02-09-13, 11:40 AM
Ebay had some OEM lights and take off grills listed right now maybe check there? Expensive either way!

02-11-13, 03:49 PM
Deer suck.