: 1973 Cadillac Deville

02-08-13, 03:23 PM
Hello all, this being my first post on this site I would like to introduce myself. My name is Nick, and I am looking to purchase a 73 Deville Sedan for sale up the road from me. The car has been garaged and for being 40 years old looks like a well maintained car both inside and outside. Few rust spots along the rear and front bumper and some other very small spots but nothing too serious. There is also a fair amount of rust bubbles located under the vinyl top in the back. The interior is in good scape with functioning controls except the rear window which might have been caused by a lost weather strip between the two windows. My biggest concern though is a small oil puddle located under the front of the engine, the car has been sitting for a few months and am unsure if this should be a huge concern of mine or a typical issue with these cars.


02-08-13, 10:47 PM
:welcome: Nick! All old Cadillac (and old cars, for that matter) will leak some oil. They leak more if they're left to sit, as the seals dry up from lack of fluid flow. You've already seen the rust issues with these cars, and you'll want to address the rust ASAP if you do get the car. Drivetrain is solid, it's the 472 V8 with the Turbo-Hydramatic 400 three speed automatic. The car's designed to run on unleaded, and has been detuned to meet emissions, so no need to use premium.

If the price is right and you like the car, I say go for it. These are supremely comfortable cruisers, and I think you'll enjoy a clean example once you've addressed the couple minor issues the car has.

Oh, and post up some pics when you can! :)


02-09-13, 07:30 AM
Welcome to the forum, Nick :welcome5:

As 77CDV said, small oil leaks are usual on these old cars. Nothing to worry about as long as they are small. You want to cure those rust bubbles under vinyl but they wonīt be worse as long as the car is under cover and not driven under the rain. Nevertheless, itīs better to cure rust as it goes worse with time (slowly if not exposed to water).

Itīs a good car with a solid power plant and transmission, so if you are sure there is no more weak points than these you are relating, you can buy it. You can find every part you may need :thumbsup:

02-09-13, 08:33 AM
Hey Nick. Welcome! Rust is the weak point of these cars. Other than that they are quite reliable old runners. I suppose the other things that cause problems would be vacuum leaks and carburetors, but if it runs smooth and idles nicely that isn't anything to worry about. The only other thing to mention might be electrical shorts that draw down the battery. A lot of wiring and a short can happen easily.
Nothing to worry about though.
Great cars and will reward you with a ride that is beyond belief. If the rust isn't too bad, and it runs nice, DO IT! You will love it.