: Driver side headlight out!

02-08-13, 01:21 AM
At night when I start my car for some reason driver side most of the time will not come on untill u manually turn headlight switch OFF and then back ON again. I got stopped by the cop last week and he gave me a warning..... cuz some time u really cant see that head light is out when u driving.

What could be the problem??
Thank you

02-08-13, 01:35 AM

02-08-13, 03:10 AM
well it sport package xenon bulbs was replaced year ago

02-08-13, 09:44 AM
The ballast might be on it's way out.

What bulb number does it use?

02-08-13, 05:01 PM
I replaced the dash switch twice. However I never could get the driving lights to work all of the time!