: Hvac will not sync / even in manuel mode!!

02-07-13, 09:29 PM
I took delivery of my new ATS when the HVAC was on ti would just go to full fan and the highest temp. Then everything would freeze on the system. The next day returned to dealer Southeast Cadillac (Charlotte) they found the same issue. Four days later new center console installed and seemed to work fine. Now what ever temp I set either sync or manuel Pass side same as driver side heater goes hot on one side then cold on other??? Keeps going back and forth. Anyone with this problem? Will bring it in this coming Tuesday. Will let you know of the fix.

Cadillac Cust Svc
02-10-13, 04:46 PM
Congratulations on your new ATS, p1nball! We're sorry that you've had to already make a few trips to the dealership for some HVAC issues - looking forward to your updates after your appointment on Tuesday.

Sarah (Assisting Katie), Cadillac Customer Service

02-17-13, 07:47 PM
Cadillac of South Charlotte has been very understanding and placed a new center console and reprogramed the temp sensors. But still have sync problems temps set higher then 65 F driver side get way hot and pass side get cold. Then I engaged the recycle air mode and that helped greatly. Seems outside fresh air plays havoc on the temp sensors which keeps trying to compensate for the cold outside air. My CTS worked perfect! Never a problem. I am bring it in again next week for a fourth try. Now have a double sweep of gauges on start of car. Programing on this ATS seems poor! Also to add insult when cold car now has this deep stumble and wants to stall! Shades of the late 1970's and early 1980's carburetors trying to meet clean air standards (Too Lean).
Will post update!!