View Full Version : Catalytic Converters condition?

02-07-13, 06:19 PM
2000 Sport with 154k miles!
I did temperature test on Catalytic Converters.
Driver side:
before cat. - max -270f
after cat. - max -302f
Passenger side:
before cat. - max -265f
after cat. - max -264f

All reading was made by laser temperature scanner on working engine reached to normal working temperature.
QUESTION? Is it okay? or that what can cost my poor performance???
Thank you!

02-14-13, 04:25 PM
They could be clogged, I know mine are and my acceleration is complete crap until I can afford to get the cats cut off and the two new ones I have installed, also is the CEL coming on while driving? could indicate o2 sensors need a cleaning or new ones altogether

02-14-13, 08:40 PM
Well I don't have no check engine light and got me new o2 sensors. I just not happy with preformens. My girlfriend suv 2006 Pontiac torrent mush quicker on picking up speed and at work I'm driving 2012 ford escape- way faster. My moms Honda fit with 1,4L less torque and to compare with Catera that have 3L with 200 torque feel like its not going no where