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02-07-13, 11:57 AM
Hey guys! I'm sure all of you seasoned vets on here get tired of the new guys posting threads like this, but I'll add another to the list I suppose. :hide: Posted this same thread in the 'General Discussion' section, but figured it might get some hits here as well.

I've been trolling around on Caddy Forums as well as LS1Tech for a while, but have recently begun staying a bit more plugged in. I picked the V up about five months ago. She's bone stock other than a Lingenfelter Short Throw Shifter (A.M.A.Z.I.N.G) and has right around 43k miles on the clock. I picked it up from a guy in Ft. Wayne, IN(Ohio roots, so I was doing some shopping in the general vicinity) and is now residing in my garage in Houston, TX (any other Houston V guys out there?!?...I need some buds!...took a job in the oil/gas world after finishing up at Ohio State in 2011)

Anyway, I've been driving the V for a few months fairly regularly now, and I've just about had enough with the bone stock-ness of it. I've had mods planned since before I even purchased the thing, but wanted to drive it a while and get a feel for what directions I was wanting to go with it. I'm currently looking into sending her under the knife, but haven't decided how extensive I want to get with things (also torn between a couple different brands, etc.)

This thread may be fairly useless, cause I'm sure there are other ones devoted specifically to these types of questions, but was hoping you all may be able to properly direct me to any threads that may be useful pertaining to the info below.

I'm looking at doing a cam/headers/exhaust (VERY torn on brand...I know everyone's answer will be Kooks/Corsa, but I'm going either the B&B route or Stainless Works...INPUT REQUESTED, low-pro cut-outs, motor/tranny mounts, CAI, 160* T-Stat . A clutch/flywheel and wheel-hop reduction/elimination axles are on the list as well, but I'll approach those when the factory clutch starts telling me it's her time to go. Also, other mod suggestions are more than welcome!;)

Money is a concern, but I fully understand the idiom 'Fast, Reliable, Cheap...Pick Two', but not always the deciding factor in the decision making process. I'm also flirting with the idea of with the potential of ported head work . Maybe this sounds a bit extreme right off the bat for a stock car, but I've been planning my build for far too long, and I've finally got the chance to start making some of these things happen...and if I can swing it financially, it makes sense to get a bulk of this work done at once. Also, I practically stole the car from the guy with the price I got, so it left a little more wiggle room for future mods.

I've tried attaching a pic, so hopefully it comes through alright. I dabble with my Nikon when time allows, but am still a hack compared to the guys that know what they're doing.

Hopefully none of that came off too aggressively, etc. You all know a TON more about V's than I do due to your vast knowledge, past experiences, etc....and that's exactly why I've come for help/input/guidance!

My name's Russell (note the "creative" username...:banghead:) and I look forward to hearing back (and possibly meeting any of you Houston V owners!). If this doesn't catch much interest as far as input goes, maybe you guys could at least direct me to some useful and relevant threads to some of my questions!


02-07-13, 01:16 PM
I waited to swap my cluch until I couldn't stand the uber clunk of the dual mass flywheel anymore (at about 120k miles). Clutch was still going strong.

I wish I would have done that mod earlier. I really like the way the car revs with the small twin disk katech clutch. The car feels so much more responsive now.

I'd also consider doing all the bushings/bearings/ rubbery slop swap stuff before doing the larger HP mods (as they will make you do those anyway).

Keep in mind the real cost for headers exhasut is actually fairly high if you are anal retentive like me. As an example:
- Kooks headers
- Kooks cats/mid pipes
- good gaskets
- header studs
- ceramic coating
- iridium spark plugs
- plug wires + KoolSox
- catback
- install
- tune

Certainly not a $1500 mod.

Don't even get me started on the 'real' cost a a reliable and powerfull cam swap.

Remember to have fun with your mods! Also +5 hp from the light plat paint, but -5 for having truck motor.


02-07-13, 03:54 PM
Welcome and congrats on the V!

I did mine mods all backwards Stereo --> Appearance --> Go Faster --> Reliability.

If I had it to do over again I would have done Reliability --> Go Faster --> Stereo --> Appearance

The first thing I suggest tackling is all the bushings on the car, motor mounts, trans mount, control arm bushings, cradle bushings, sway bar bushings, trailing arm bushings. These will give you the most bang for your buck, make your car feel like a go-kart for a few $100 paper's.

Next get rid of turd of a flywheel (50 pounds) which will give you a much lighter and peppier feel when you drop the hammer, while you're at it do all the shifter linkage upgrades to get solid shifting performance. Then move onto axles (or 8.8 kit if you can afford it), sway bars, springs, wider tires.

When you do your HP mods, try to do as many at once as you can because you're going to need a dyno tune which will set you back $400-$500 and you don't want to have to redo it every time you throw in a new engine upgrade. I did CAM, Heads, Headers, Exhaust, CAI, Intake Manifold, Ported LS2 TB and dyno tune (including all necessary supporting mods like High Flow Oil Pump, 160 T-stat, Plugs, Wires, Wrap, Coat, Gaskets, Bolts, etc, etc) and am thrilled with the car now. Personally I went with Pacesetter Headers and Mangnaflow, best bang for your buck as you're all in for under $1k. A blower would be ideal but a slightly cheaper route would be a stroker kit after that.

Just my .02 cents after 4 years modding the hell out of my ride!