: CTS & STS 2-piece light weight rotor (Gain more miles per gallon + hp at the wheels)

02-06-13, 06:24 PM
Hi Cadillac CTS & STS enthusiast, we are now offering our newly design and development convergent vanes open slot rotors. They are the sport tuned type, best and latest technology in the market today, superior to oem and competitors, application are for the 2004-11 Cadillac CTS & STS front and rear. These rotors are the best in the business it will outperform any high end two-piece rotor out there and the positive feedback about its performance we have been is enormous. Our rotors are exclusively designed and engineered to prevent from cracking and warping suitable for any kind of driving condition. The mass reduction on the front rotor is 4.5 lbs. the rear is 4.8 lbs. it is by far the lightest rotor out there for the CTS and STS, lighter rotors means better performance at the wheels and don't be surprise, if your gain extra 10 to 20 whopping horsepower after installing these rotors. This is your chance to gain those hp back that was lost with the heavy oem rotors. It is proven that a lighter rotor can increase horsepower at the wheels check the dyno testing. (http://highboostforum.com/forum/showthread.php/25845-Dyno-testing-light-weight-rotors)

Front rotor weight Comparison
OEM Rotor 26.0 lbs.
RB 2 Piece 21.5 lbs. Size: 355x30mm (14" x 1.2") (http://www.racingbrake.com/CTwo-piece-rotor-CTS-V-FRONT-04-07-p/2114.htm)
Weight Savings: 4.5 lbs.
Rear rotor weight Comparison
One-piece 22.7 lbs.
RB 2-piece 17.8 lbs. Size: 365x28mm (14.4" x 1.1") (http://www.racingbrake.com/CTS-V-REAR-04-07-p/2115.htm)
Weight Savings: 4.8 lbs.

Total weight saving: 18.6 lbs.


These 2004-11 Cadillac CTS and STS rotors are engineered to be the best stock replacement two-piece rotors on the performance market. These rotors are direct bolt-on, easy to install, no additional hardware needed, and an excellent upgrade for both street and track. Not only will the rotors last 3 times or more longer than competitions' two-piece rotors, they can deliver consistent brake torque under extreme heat, session after session. When it comes to replacement, the operating cost over the time will be lower than one-piece rotors.
RB offers a complete satisfaction guarantee to you and other Cadillac CTS and STS enthusiasts; if you don't agree that they are the best two-piece rotors in value, look and performance your money can buy just return them for a refund.
Has the advantages of both drilled & slotted rotors.
Allows the disc to expand and contract and prevents the disc from cracking or warping.
Increasing cooling area and retains more friction surface.
Slots relieves thermal stress.
Slots are self cleaning and the pad build up will not clog the slots and are exhausted via the rotor edge keeping the disc surface clean.
Reduces brake pad dust buildup and keeps the wheel clean through vacuum effect.

Rotor Material: Racing Formula Alloyed Gray Iron & Heat treated
Machining: Straight Slot
Surface: EDP Coating w/cross cut grinding on friction surface.

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