: Another audio question

02-05-13, 11:51 AM
I am trying to decide between a really good deal I found on an XTS Luxury trim model in my desired color and with all the features I want (except 1), OR waiting for a Premium trim model with that one missing feature - the 14 speaker sound system.

I have the 14 speaker Bose system in my current STS and love it, BUT - those extra speakers only work with FM radio and CD (neither of which I really use). I mostly listen to music on my ipod or XM (neither of which utilize the extra seat back speakers) so I'm wondering if it's really work the extra $$ to wait for a Premium with that feature. The deal I found on the Luxury model I want is sweet.

Those of you who have driven models with both Bose systems...what do you think?


02-05-13, 09:16 PM
I really value great sound. My kids tease me by saying that I test drive a car by putting in a CD, closing the windows and turning up the volume. They are mostly right. I've got the premium XTS with the 14 speaker system. My wife has the SRX with the 10 speaker system. I think they both sound great. I also wanted the 14 speaker system but in switching between the two, the difference is small. If you can same a lot of money you may want to go with the better deal. Why not bring some CDs to the dealer and try both cars and see what you think.

The two unexpected features on the premium model that I really like though, are the heads up display and the electronic configurable dashboard. I like all the information you can display on it.

02-06-13, 09:17 AM
LOL. I hear ya. I'm an audiophile too. My husband teases me about the same thing. :)

Good thoughts on the other premium features. I didn't realize that the configurable dash was not available on the luxury model...hmmmm. Premium it is then. Thanks Jeff.