: Anyone with a 472/500 and a new Sanden AC with the Edelbrock Intake?

02-04-13, 08:48 PM
Got any pictures, advice? Looking to do the swap myself.

02-06-13, 02:33 PM
Edelbrock says you cannot run A/C with their manifold. I saw someone on the cadillac power say something along the lines of they cut out part of the front of the intake that had no function and thought it might leave enough room for a compressor. I think it was the guy with the turbo 500 with roof cut off. He has a thread all about that car. That darn compressor really makes it hard to do anything up front on these.

02-06-13, 08:00 PM
Actually you can use an AC compressor with the Edelbrock. Just not the Stock compressor.

You use a special bracket and the Sanden 508 compressor.

I just want to see the set up installed.

02-07-13, 11:14 AM
Have you been on cadillac power? Much more in the way of hotrodders. Some reason keeps changing the name I type in here back to owners