: Iphone 5 and making calls

david d
02-02-13, 03:52 PM
Does anyone else have issues dialing from their phone and choosing cue for the source option? I try to call and get the cue, hone and speaker option. When I choose cue, it reverts right back to iPhone. Any idea if this is fixable?

02-02-13, 04:18 PM
First, Update to IOS 6.1. For me this fixes the incoming call issue when you answer the call via the steering wheel or the cue system. Before the update, it would answer the call without audio via the CUE but you were forced to push the handsfree button on the cue or the wheel to get the audio, which worked most of the time.

Now for the placing a call via the phone itself. If you place the call and select CADILLAC CUE while the call is ringing it will just revert back to iPHONE. However once the call is established, usually pressing the CADILLAC CUE button from the phone will link the call to the car.

I have heard that the issues are on Apple's part as well as Cadillac's. Apple addressed their section with IOS 6.1 from what we have been told and Cadillac's fix is coming in CUE 2.0. Fingers crossed.

david d
02-03-13, 10:13 AM
Thanks. The update did fix the first part The other is still happening and annoying. Thanks!