: 2011 SRX start problem

01-31-13, 03:49 PM
So my car has done this a few times now - to be specific - between 5 and 10 times. I'll push the break and hit the button to start my car but it won't start. The break feels very hard and won't press down at all - not even after really putting leg muscle into it. Of course the dashboard notification will come on telling me to "push the break" to start the engine. "I'm trying!!!" ... but of course nothing happens.

This goes on a for a few more tries before the break finally loosens enough to allow me to push it down and press the button to turn the car on.

The last time it did it ... was on Sunday. This doesn't happen EVERY time - but it's been happening more frequently than it use to. And it's after the car has sat all night.

PLEASE tell me someone else has had this problem!??!

I've contacted my dealership - still under warranty - the service advisor tells me he hasn't heard of this happening yet, but was going to look to see if any bulletins had been posted on what I was describing.

Any ideas about what's going on??

01-31-13, 05:57 PM
Have you tried the other remote? When you have this problem would the remote trunk release also be inoperative? Reason I ask this question is could be low battery in remote. Happened in my 2010. Matter of fact, I couldn't unlock the door, but then it opened and I was able to start. Supposedly the DIC informs you but we both know this does not always happen. Dealer replaced batteries in both remotes no charge and everything is fine. Good luck.

01-31-13, 08:56 PM
This doesn't look to be a remote problem to me....it says to push the break pedal down so it shows that there is a problem with the pedal not making the contact, or the break system preventing you from pushing it completely down...the dealership should keep the car overnight so they can look at it next morning when the problem occurs.

Cadillac Cust Svc
02-01-13, 03:56 PM
Jlgaggies, please let me know if you would like us to contact your dealer for you at any point if you continue to have concerns! I'm reachable via email at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com and happy to help where I can.


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