: 1969 472 alternator issues

01-31-13, 09:31 AM
I recently replaced the alternator on my 69 Fleetwood. When I removed the old alternator I thought I dummy proofed the process by labeling where the wires went. When I installed the new alternator I placed the wires back on the same terminals as they were on the old one (although the new alternator was slightly different than the original one). When I finished the install I attempted to hook the battery terminals back up, when I did this the cables started smoking and melted immediately. Can anyone give me some insight and let me know why this may have happened? Thanks in advance.

The Ape Man
01-31-13, 10:03 AM
This post will get more exposure in the area which pertains to your model instead of engine.

Is it possible that you switched the battery terminals?

Usually that is not even able to happen but it would give that symptom.

If not maybe the B+ post on tha alternator is somehow shorted to ground.

Third possibility I can think of is the new alternator has shorted rectifier diodes.

Any pictures?

01-31-13, 10:15 AM
Thanks for the info. I will post some pictures today. I am totally confused by this. I don't claim to be an expert mechanic but this part change should be simple.

02-02-13, 08:08 AM
What was different about the new alternator? I actually haven't heard of a faulty or shorted alternator causing battery cables to spark or melt. My first response would be to return it for another one. It's pretty hard to screw up that installation. I just hope it isn't a newer style internally regulated alternator; I don't know what that would do.