: Any Problems Having Maintenance Not Done Where I Bought My XTS?

01-30-13, 09:08 PM
I was introduced to a service manager the day I picked up my new XTS in December. I was told that this dealership's policy was to offer "first come first serve" maintenance--no appointments, just drive in for servicing (unless you needed a loner). The service department opened at 7:00am.

Well this is a problem for me, since it takes me 75 minutes to drive to the dealership from home. I either have to leave home at an ungodly early hour to get there early or get there later and take my chances with a long line.

I am considering going to a closer Cadillac dealer that makes appointments for a specific day and hour. My question is: am I sacrificing anything in taking the car to a different dealer than where I bought it? I still get a loner for a long servicing, right, because that is a perk offered by GM, not the dealer? Anything else I might be sacrificing?

Cadillac Cust Svc
01-31-13, 10:48 AM
ArubaKid, I know you're looking for owner opinions but I wanted to chime in briefly to let you know we always recommend the closest dealers to our customers. And all Cadillac customers should expect excellent service from all Cadillac dealers. If you would ever like me to locate the dealers nearer to you, please email me with your zip code at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com.


Cadillac Customer Service

01-31-13, 01:27 PM
Katie, you're the best. Continue the good work.

02-08-13, 11:18 PM
Your warranty dictates free loaners. Won't matter where you bought the car...