: Someone keyed my new CTS-V, front to back, anyone ever wrapped the bottom half?

01-30-13, 04:07 AM
Im new here, first post and I wish I had a better post. I bought a 2011 coupe, black on black, and I was thinking about a matte black down the middle. That is until some piece of worthless, things I can't say because I don't know if anyone below 25 is here. I just got the car 2 months ago, got a set of staggered 20s and the springs from D3 put on it Friday. I drove it to the airport Sunday and someone went out of their way to go to the car and key from the headlight to the taillight. It was just jealousy and envy, the worst disease's there are. Man I wanted to cry, they are talking about $1800 to get it done right. Haters, always haters.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has ever wrapped the lower half of the car. Its black on black, but I can't imagine it looking that good. I might try it on photoshop and see if I can tell. The springs from D3 made the car drive a lot smoother, like a new car with the new wheels, there might have been something wrong with the older wheels and tires but I had it aligned two weeks before.

No cameras in the DFW airport parking lot if you can believe that, i would have given anything to find out who did it, and I don't want the cops called.

If you ever need help, you can find me at usaodo.com

01-30-13, 05:47 PM
Sorry to hear that. Oh by the way I just turned 25 haha so yes there are people here haha

Back to your post. Congrats on the v coupe with the wheels and springs. Horrible luck with it beings keyed. I hope someone does it to every car they ever own all the way around. I'm not sure how it would look. Because of the huge thick c pillar. At that point why don't you just wrap the whole car?

01-30-13, 05:54 PM
Find somebody that wraps NASCAR racers. Those things are mind blowing. I don't know what they wrap them with but some are as glossy as urethane paint.

C "T" ess
01-31-13, 11:53 AM
Those wraps appear to fit very tightly. I wonder if the keyed scratch would show through.

01-31-13, 01:30 PM
I'm not sure how much those wraps cost, but I can't imagine it being much cheaper than the $1,800 being quoted to repaint it.

01-31-13, 01:41 PM
I'm not sure how much those wraps cost, but I can't imagine it being much cheaper than the $1,800 being quoted to repaint it.

I agree with that. Insurance may help out, too. I have seen some top quality wraps, so check it out, but find a reputable source. Wraps vary in quality like anything. Attention to detail is important, like how they finish it off under hoods and inside of doors and at bumpers.

I am really sorry to hear about this, it hurts. Wouldn't any of us want to catch these perps just one time, and that is not a question!!! Unfortunately, I may end up in jail, not them.

01-31-13, 06:10 PM
Before you dish out $1800, find out who some of the local dealers use to repair scratches on their used cars. When I went to look at my car when it hit the used car lot, I was the first to look at it, and I saw it "un-detailed". This allowed me to see any blemishes and how the car was cared for before any "evidence" was cleaned away by the dealer. The car was relatively clean inside, but the worst part was a big scratch on the hood. Pretty much like what a key scratch would have been. It was deep and through the black color. I liked the car and during negotiations, I insisted on a discount on the hood damage because I was going to have to have the hood repainted. The dealer said they had a guy that came in once a week and they would "fix the scratched hood prior to sale". Haggling done, I agreed to let them fix it, but I insisted that if I could see anything with the repair that I didn't like, it was a no sale. Several days later the guy was on the lot and fixed the scratch. I came in the next day to see it. I was shocked, there was absolutely no sign that the hood ever had a scratch on it. It was perfect, and the hood wasn't painted. I don't know how he fixed it, but the guy did magic on the hood. It's been since June, so the car has seen heat, rain, cold, and ice. Nothing has been affected. I honestly cannot tell where the work was done. I have some road rash that needs fixed now, but there is no sign of that scratch.